Caribou “Our Love”

What made Caribou’s 2010 album Swim so transcendent was its genius blend of modern psychedelia and the EDM that would come to dominate music in the ensuing four years. Based on the first two singles from Dan Snaith’s upcoming album—the adored “Can’t Do Without You” and now “Our Love”—it sure seems like his new work with be more in the vein of 2012’s Jiaolong (released under his Daphni moniker). These are unapologetic dance songs built around sensual repetition. In lesser hands, all of this would feel ho-hum. Yet Snaith has a skill for building up songs so that they seem to unfold into beautiful shapes, always on the thrilling edge of feeling excessively busy and ornate. Although I prefer my Caribou songs to sound a little more unfettered than “Our Love” does, it still deserves to sneak on house party playlists before summer ends.

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