Cazzette featuring Leo Stannard “Oceans”

I wasn’t familiar with the original version of Leo Stannard‘s “Oceans” that dropped last year, I came across it after hearing Cazzette‘s brand new version. Now knowing that “Oceans” already existed, it’s amazing to hear the way Cazzette re-worked the song. The production feels pensive and thoughtful in the verse, builds into something a bit more edgy and aggressive in the pre-chorus, and bursts into a hyper, frantic, relentless drop. Each stage seems to match Leo’s feelings of confusion and frustration. Once the chorus/drop explodes it feels like the sound of the swirling thoughts inside of Leo’s head. He wades through the madness, trying to sort through his thoughts. The whole thing makes me anxious and makes me want to dance all at once. Maybe that’s exactly how Cazzette and Leo felt as well.

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