Celine Neon EP Release Show

I grew up trying on clothes that weren’t mine, wearing high heeled shoes and singing and dancing everywhere I went. I had convinced myself one day I would be a pop star.  Unfortunately I grew into an awkward body, and an even more unpleasant vocal range. Thankfully for electronic duo, Celine Neon, they grew into those two things quite well. Best Friends Maggie Kubley and Emily Nejad are two talented ladies with the pipes and the dance moves to prove it.

Creating glitzy, suggestive glam-pop, the duo performed last Wednesday evening at Chicago’s Subterranean promoting their self-titled EP release they have been working on since 2012. The two possess full voices backed by funky, electronic beats mixed by Kubley’s brother Will. Promoted as a ‘party,’ the venue was filled with not only a photo booth, DJ Johnny Walker, but also friends and fans seemingly excited as they danced to both the DJ and opening act, Rapper Chicks.

The duo received a loud applause as they ran on stage and began their performance with “Vacation Time.” Matching from hairstyle to shoes, the two were sparkling in white and black outfits complete with sleeves full of fringe. Unlike other bands, Celine Neon performs. Lacking an instrument to hold in front of them as something to “do,” the two ladies perform the heck out of their tracks, unguarded and vulnerable. Choreographed dance moves demanded attention, often taking away from whatever was playing on the projector screen overhead. “Depresh” followed as the girls cracked jokes about how boredom results in sex. The crowd laughed and heads were nodded in agreement as everyone began to dance along. The rest of the performance followed suit, as Kubley and Nejad continued on with tracks “Nothin 4 U,” “Cycle,” and “Bleach” amping the crowd up with their choreographed moves and high energy. The two reached out to the audience as they shouted “Ladies” and chatted about looking at ex-boyfriend’s facebook and instagram accounts. The crowd below them laughed as the two ladies were able to create casual conversation with their fans.

After running off stage and returning only after the crowd was chanting, “Celine Neon” Kubley and Nejad were in all black. Alongside them stood a man in front of a microphone with an electric guitar in hand, the projector had been turned off and everyone fell silent. The duo sang “One More,” an Elliphant cover and it was as though the two ladies entered onto the stage as different people. The sound of the guitar was captivating as their voices echoed and harmonized with one another. The crowd was swaying and so was I as they were singing they gave us something more real and more visceral.

Celine Neon capped the release party with their single, “Getcha Good.” The two were jumping, dancing and the audience seemed satisfied and excited. At the last second, confetti blew off and showered upon the audience right as the lights went out, proving to everyone that the duo are into having fun.  Creating compelling energy in their performance and sarcastic yet fun beats, these girls know how to party and have the talent to prove it.

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