Premiere: Civil Rebellion: Dear Diary…

The Pacific Northwest’s Civil Rebellion (aka recent high school graduate Noah Wossene) is preparing to release his debut LP, Dear Diary…. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the album.

dear diary… is a snapshot collection of past memories, moments and stories from the rollercoaster ride that was the final years of high school,” said Wossene. “I wrote this record with one intent: to capture, create and bring to life one of the most substantial transitions that we all have if not will experience in our lives.”

Song titles like “A POP PUNK ANTHEM!!!,” “Teenage Anthem!,” and “Punk, but polite!” encapsulate the feel of Dear Diary… Wossene’s songwriting is energetic and enthusiastic while balancing being
confessional with being tongue-in-cheek. The songs illustrate that time when being a hormone-filled teenager butts up against adulthood and shows a songwriter really coming into their own.

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