Coltrane Motion: Hello Ambition!

Coltrane Motion: Hello Ambition!
If Chicago-based duo, Coltrane Motion‘s sound was a mathematic equation it would read drone+shoegaze+dance+pop. To most this equation makes little sense. Drone and shoegaze go together, dance and pop are often teamed up, but all four together is something a bit new. This unusual matrimony is what Coltrane Motion attempts to consummate on their sophomore album, Hello Ambition!
Coltrane Motion does a surprisingly good job blending the genres into one cohesive package. Guitarist Matt Dennewitz utilizes guitar pedals to create a fuzzed-out sound that one would expect from drone bands. Keyboards are also used to create a wall-of-sound unique for a duo. The drums are what change the band from a drone band to their melding state. The drums shift between electronic and live drums. The drums are generally fun and uptempo, inspired by funk, disco, and dance rhythms.
The album’s most outstanding track is “I Forgot There Was A War On”. The track has a kraut-rock feel similar to Fujiya and Miyagi. The guitars on the track remind me of the Velvet Underground‘s “Venus in Fur”. Lead singer, Michael Bond adds his wobbly vocals that are reminiscent of Stephen Malkmus. It all comes together as the most accessible track on the album.
The album has its fair share of danceable jams, but the drone aspect of the album makes it hard to listen to. The drone is a bit abrasive and eventually wears down the listener’s ears. The poppier aspects save the majority of the album, but it remains hard to listen to all in one sitting.
Rating: 6.9/10
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