Interview: Connor Frost of Dizzy Bats

dizzy batsPop punk has become a term with a certain stigma to it. Most people shy away from the label but not Dizzy Bats. They, lead by frontman Connor Frost, embrace the label and even promote it. I got a chance to talk with Frost about the band’s new record, Sundial, his love for pop punk, and his recent appendectomy.
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I heard you were in the hospital recently to get your appendix removed. How are you recovering?
Thanks for asking! I am doing much better. I actually had to go back to the hospital for a few nights for a second surgery due to complications that came up after the appendectomy (I’ll spare you the details). All is well, though, and I should be out of the house soon!

Where did the name Dizzy Bats come from?
The story behind the naming of this band cannot be published here, but I will say it was between Dizzy Bats and Frost Bite. I thought Frost Bite was too self-centered and sounded too much like an 80s glam metal band.

You describe your music as pop punk which is a label many bands shy away from. Why do you embrace it?
I think there are different types of pop punk. The pop punk I’m referring to is that nostalgic 90s sound where straight power chords and simple chord progressions provide accompaniment for the vox. That’s our sound, so embrace it we must!

Do you listen to much modern pop punk or are most of your influences from the 90s pop punk boom?
Definitely still stuck in the 90s. I can’t seem to find a modern group that mirrors the sound of my childhood favorites. I don’t wanna grow up! The new stuff that I listen to now is definitely more on the folk side of things, another genre I draw inspiration from.

You recently released your debut album, Sundial. What were the recording sessions like?
Such an amazing experience. We recorded in two locations, The Gallery Recording Studio in Brooklyn as well as my alma mater, Connecticut College. We had the privilege of working with my buddy Jon Markson who is the most talented and down to earth dude you will ever meet. To be able to collaborate with him and all of the musicians who helped out with the project was a real treat. I thought the sessions would be tedious, but we ended up motoring through in just a few days. Can’t wait for the next one.

Finally, what’s next for Dizzy Bats?
We have a ton of stuff coming up! We’re coming out with a live performance video of our tune “This Lovely Dancer” in November and I’m currently planning out our 2013 show schedule. Down the road we’re looking to release our second single and music video as well as an acoustic video mini-series and EP. In between all of that, we’ll be writing for the sophomore record!

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