Constant Lovers: Experience Feelings

constant-lovers-experience-feelingsIt’s easy to tell Constant Lovers hail from the Pacific Northwest. Much like their famed counterparts Soundgarden and (as cliche as it may be) Nirvana, the band’s sound is experimental, fuzzy, and energetic. Washington’s overcast welkin must have something to do with the raucous tones of their latest album, Experience Feelings, which is simultaneously a primal shout and a neo-funk roller coaster.

From the opening guitar drone in “Mush Teeth,” it’s evident that Constant Lovers are exactly that––unrelenting musicians with a mission. Akin to the scraggly sound of Junior Astronomers, the song pummels its way through three and a half minutes with scathing vocals and hectic instrumentation that sounds like what a shaky video looks like. “Hey Bo Diddley” is anything but, with the pulsations of catchy guitar lines and schizophrenic. Aiding to the feverish mood, Joel Cuplin’s yelps are half scream and half raw oxygen, reminiscent of Josh Scogin in some ways. Simply by listening to the record, you get the feeling that the band wants to explode through the speakers and onto the stage.

The balance between musical blueprint and chaotic allowance is strategically placed by the band, allowing them to seem out of control with the song in mind. “Cry Me a River” is a great example, with throbbing guitars and bombastic drums in perfect time. It’s ideal for crowd surfing and moshing, an environment not always created well by modern “heavy” bands. While Constant Lovers aren’t exactly heavy, they’re loud as hell and thick as Bret Michaels’s hair. This gives them an abrasive edge over the competition. Where other bands fall sonically flat, the Lovers deliver.

Experience Feelings is aptly titled; the band create a mood of emotive unleashing throughout the ten terse tracks. While it’s not the most musical album of 2014, it certainly has something to offer. Their biggest disadvantage is also their biggest advantage––their sound. You’ll either love or hate Constant Lovers, but either way, this sounds like an unruly night in bed.

Rating: 8.3/10
MP3: Constant Lovers “Hey Bo Diddley”
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