Premiere: D-Risha: Gauntlet EP

Hailing from Houston, D-Risha has been mixing elements of science fiction with social and personal commentary for half a decade now. His latest release, Gauntlet EP is no different. As D-Risha explains “Gauntlet EP is not only about ‘running the gauntlet’ of daily trials and tribulations both personally and within the music scene, but is also a sly nod to the Infinity Gauntlet, an object of ultimate power within the world of Marvel Comics.” To help him along the gauntlet, D-Risha enlists production from Purple Bastard, Jett I Masstyr, and others. The EP also features guest verses from fellow Houstonians Hollywood FLOSS and George Young among others. It is our pleasure to premiere D-Risha’s Gauntlet EP.
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  • Towelie says:

    Great job on this one. Rare form is my favorite all around for lyrics and a great track to jam in the car. Weightless and Bring it Back are also solid singles that will be on my playlist. Very impressed on “Just a Memory;” I’m not used to hearing mature, respectful reflections on past relationships (from rap in general, but not surprised you would take this approach). Great release and I hope it gets the attention it deserves.
    Do you have a cleaner copy of F*** D-Risha? The mp3 I have has a lower volume than most songs and sounds a bit rough.

  • Freddie D says:

    Good vibe to start the weekend with!

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