Daniel Schamroth: Major Companion

Exeter-based band, The Loft Club released their sole album, Dreaming The Impossible back in 2020. Self-described as “purveyors of stomping, heartfelt, sixties inspired guitar music,” the band gathered some accord for their single “Flicker” which featured Lisa Loeb. The track peaked at #66 on the US Billboard AAA Airplay Chart but the band has largely been unheard from since a live EP released at the end of 2021. The band’s leader, Daniel Schamroth steps out of the shadows to release his new EP, Major Companion. The EP is released through So, Let’s Talk, a label also founded in Exeter, Devon and home to releases by Roachford, Tep No, and Hana Giraldo the daughter of Rock music legends, Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo.

Unlike The Loft Club there is nothing stomping about Major Companion. It maybe sixties inspired but more by Neil Young than the Beatles. For the most part, it is Daniel Schamroth and his guitar with minimal flourishes of strings or second guitar for atmospherics. Lead single, “Rat Race” is a number about the hardships of a working life. Although most of the complaints aren’t new, Schamroth’s emotive voice carries the track. As he sings about “the job that I hate,” he drips with both disdain and sadness, holding each in equal measure.

The second single “Cold Wind Blowing,” is arguably the most stripped down track on the album. It is just finger-plucked acoustic guitar and Schamroth’s voice. The only studio tactic used is a doubling of the vocals during the chorus. That is fine since Schamroth has some tricks up his sleeve anyway. An unexpected vocal melody in the bridge keeps things interesting.

Considering the EP is only six songs and clocks in just under 25 minutes, Daniel Schamroth manages to be concise while still giving the listener a world of emotion. In a longer format, it is easy to imagine the formula of man and guitar with not much else could get tiring but lucky that is not the case on Major Companion.

Rating: 6.9/10

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