Dead Confederate: In The Marrow

Dead Confederate, In The MarrowThe phrases “Dead Confederate” and “rock band” might conjure images of a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band that frequents truck stops and biker bars. Thankfully, this is not so with the band. In The Marrow is perfect for a Sunday morning drive in the late spring or a casual bedroom listening.

The album’s greeting, “Slow Poisons”, is a seven-and-a-half minute alt-rock jam consisting of airy drums and warbly guitar that feels like a post-apocalyptic daydream. Though the track is long, it is not boring, relaxing the listener with gentle indie rhythms. The band’s vocals are a bit like Come Wind meets Tallhart––the signature treble snarl glides over the music, sometimes delivering a stock lyric or two, but rounding out the band well. “Bleed-Through” almost permeates Nirvana territory, taking a minimalistic standpoint in terms of both composition and recording. The title track brings out the band’s “dirge” side, opening with a slow, droning riff and a contemplative chorus over slow guitars.

As always, there are a few plot twists. The country tinge of “Big City Life” becomes most noticeable when female guest vocals enter three-and-a-half minutes in. The band’s sound is consistent, however, focusing on laid-back tempos and ambient guitar lines. “Winter Waters” is a perfect closer, a meditative tune with reverberating strings that create the title image, like choppy waters under a sunset. This song, more than anything, shows the band’s flexibility; they are not pigeonholed into one genre, but traverse many throughout the record, owing to their musicianship.

Dead Confederate mix a distinctly southern feel with the more detached rock of the East Cost, and though they hail from Georgia, they lack the twang or growl of a typical southern rock band. The only stereotypically southern aspect of this band is their name. This breaking of the mold further underscores their versatility and makes them a band to watch in the coming months.
Rating: 7.7/10
MP3: Dead Confederate “Bleed-Through”
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