Death Grips “Hahaha”

Everyone’s favorite noise rap collective Death Grips has made a surprise announcement by revealing a release date for their highly anticipated upcoming album, Year of the Snitch. MC Ryde, Zach Hill, and Andy Morin will be dropping their eighth album “digitally on June 22nd” and also dropped a new song called “Hahaha.”

One commenter said “this sounds like a person getting gangbanged at a carnival” and I couldn’t have put it in more fitting words. Cascading sounds of a person wailing paired with Zach’s manic percussion and MC Ryde’s gruff delivery breaks into a an ethereal operatic hook and then a guitar riff reminiscent of 80’s metal makes up the chorus. If that sounds as insane as I felt when writing that then I have succeeded in capturing the essence of their latest single. Listen to “Ha Ha Ha” below.

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