Dick Desert: Trucker’s Missus Opera

Dick Desert, Trucker's Missus OperaDick Desert: Trucker’s Missus Opera
As a single mother of three young children I often find myself questioning just what is appropriate for them. I’m sure you can probably relate, it involves everything from the cereal they eat for breakfast, to the the products I use around the house, to the brand of cigarettes they smoke after school. Since the passing of Jerry Falwell, God bless his soul, I often find myself confused about what exactly I should do to raise my babies in the healthiest and most honest way possible since he’s no longer around to make decisions for me. As you can guess, hard decisions like these also apply to the music they listen to.

It seems popular music today is rife with bad influences. From raps about drugs and violence to television pop stars flouting their sexuality, I worry about my children growing up the right way. That’s why I couldn’t be more excited when I first heard Dick Desert‘s latest release, A Trucker’s Missus Opera. Finally I’d found an album the whole family could enjoy!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no classical music enthusiast, but I do have to thank Dick Desert for introducing not only me, but my whole family to the wonderful art form of Opera. I don’t mean to spoil it for anyone, but Trucker Missus Opera opens with a country/western tinged number, “Cunt of a Man.” Its the story of a no good rambling, gambler sung in a duet by the woman who loves him. I can totally relate to the story, and I find the message about love being a hard thing to figure out not only relevant in this day and age, but totally identifiable on a personal level. The kids sure do miss their father, and it’s a hard thing to explain how two people can love each other without necessarily being good for each other. I hope they understand.

From there, the album picks up momentum. My youngest, Jake really likes the second track, “Amphetamine Cowboy.” Its a walloping number about life out west. Then of course Dick Desert sings one for the ladies on, “Hey Ma.” The romantic side of the band surfaces in lyrics which explore the various way a couple can express their love to each other.

If you were fearing the whole work would be a carefree romp, don’t be worried. Dick Desert really brings emotion to the forefront on “Gamblers Wife,” where a beautiful fiddle breakdown interrupts the female call and male response, weaving the tale of unhappiness vice can bring upon a young couple.

All in all, A Trucker’s Missus Opera has a lot of solid messages. More than that, it relates these life lessons in an enjoyable, dramatic adventure of sound that combines elements of country western and classical music. It’s a must have for any modern woman!
Rating: 9.7/10
MP3: Dick Desert “Cunt of a Man”
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