Premiere: DIET: The Sky Is Diseased EP

Odense, Denmark’s DIET are preparing to release their debut EP, The Sky Is Diseased this month. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the EP.

DIET was started by two childhood friends, “Lasse & Hasse.” Lasse Smed, the main songwriter, studies American politics and history at University of Copenhagen. His studies influence his songwriting on opening track, “Laundered America.” The track finds the Dane proclaiming “I’m an American” in his acrid voice that sounds somewhere between Dan Bejar from Destroyer and Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit.

Musically, the band works within the new wave realm. Lead single “2002” has an instrumental that could have come from a Missing Persons’ record. Album closer, “The Fighter” is the kind of ballad Spandau Ballet would be proud of. But make no mistake, DIET is not aping the 80s, they are paying homage while expanding the sound on their own terms. It sounds great!

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