Django Django: Winter’s Beach

By Jacqueline Sun

Winter’s Beach is the latest offering from English art-rock band Django Django, following their recent full-length release, Marble Skies, this January. Winter’s Beach feels like an accompaniment to Marble Skies, rather than a fully fleshed album on its own. That said, it’s still enjoyable and fun on its own, even for a rather short amount of time.

“Swimming at Night” is an upbeat, electronic bop, which contrasts with the experimental opener, “Winter’s Beach.” “Swimming at Night” is catchy and danceable, feeling perfectly at home at an indie dance night or a pool party. “Flash Forward” starts off intensely, with a strong house inspired beat. It’s the closest the album gets to a “trap” track. If “Swimming at Night” was for a daytime dance party, “Flash Forward” is definitely for evenings only. “Ghost Rider” slows things down, chugging along with a rhythmic, marching beat. It’s the only real dud in the EP, as it doesn’t have enough substance to rival the energetic tracks that precede it. Closer “Blue Hazy Highs” sounds exactly as the title suggests, featuring the sole acoustic guitar in the EP. It’s a solid closer, but perhaps not so much for this EP.

Though the sound changes drastically through the six tracks of the EP, what remain consistent are the interesting and creative harmonies. Everything is drenched in hazy synths, though the percussive elements remain crisp and clean. While some tracks sound accessible and pleasing, there is enough psychedelia and strange, layered instrumentation to keep things exciting.

No doubt Winter’s Beach is a great taster for what Django Django is capable of doing as a band, however, listeners can and should always turn to their full-length releases to fully appreciate their sound.

Rating: 7.3/10

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