Premiere: Emily Donohue: Melancholia

On June 1st, Seattle-based Emily Donohue will release her new album, Melancholia. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to host an exclusive stream of the record.

Despite being called Melancholia, there is an uplifting spirit to Donohue’s music. She has said that the album’s lead single “Palmer” is about “the pang in the stomach we all get from time to time, telling us to push beyond our comfort zone.” With her soulful voice and tremolo guitar, the song is reminiscent of Florence + the Machine with a little more of a west coast vibe.

One of the album’s standout tracks is “Bitterest Pill.” The song is a danceable affair with its strong back beat and piano. It has a crossover appeal that feels like an obvious choice for a single but so many songs on Melancholia are catchy and well crafted. It is an album that deserves multiple listens.

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