Escort: City Life

Late night roller-disco comes easily to Escort. Based in Brooklyn, their music has always sounded like a worry-free Saturday night on four wheels and their new album City Life carries on this tradition. The return to disco and bass-filled tracks is welcome to many but it comes with its own problems. The line between what has been done before and keeping new music fresh is a tricky but Escort have always had a firm grasp on the past and their own sound.

It has been a while since an album embodied its title. City Life is an amalgamation of all the best and worst bits of city life and “Ride (feat. Brain Jackson)” definitely brings out the best. It is a roller-disco, hips swaying, sequin-covered body mover that is filled with the all-consuming vibrant city energy. It sounds like that part of the night when it’s early enough for something wonderful to happen. By far, the best track on the album sure to get your body moving.

The intro to “Slide” is sure to make your face do funny things. Bass lines are king in disco but this track mixes nu-disco and electronic funk. The deep bass line keeps the beat while poking the main track every so often with simple and ridiculously attention dragging bass lines. The track is arguably a perfect disco pop song, the kind of song you hear in the back of a club and end up singing all the way home in your Uber.

It has been said that cities are concrete jungles and “Up for Dawn” is the perfect accompaniment when you are trying to navigate your way through throngs of people on late night walks home. The muted tribal rhythm is chill but still driving enough to put a pep in your step. Escort’s previous travels though house music is evident in this track, mixing contemporary house and showing their wide range and diverseness.

“Outta My Head” is an instant club classic. It is very easy to imagine when listening to this track Escort on stage in a dark club, audience bouncing to the rhythm. It helps that it reeks of hot summers, dark basement clubs and non-stop dancing. And with a simple but incredibly catchy chorus, this is bound to become an underground club classic.

These are the best tracks on the album but as for the rest of the album, unfortunately, it lacks cohesiveness. It seems to have lost its way while striving for something new but also trying to hold onto the disco fundamentals. City Life is a mix mash of great and good songs that is ever so slightly off the mark.

Rating: 7.6/10

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