Everything Everything: Cough Cough EP

everything everything, cough cough
The wonder of the internet is that its worldwide. Unfortunately, that is not how record labels work. So while Everything Everything have released two full-fledged album in their native UK, Their Cough Cough EP is their US debut. For savvy music consumers, the EP offers no surprises.

For those unfamiliar with Everything Everything, they are one of a new crop of British bands with similar sounds. Along with bands like Alt-J and Django Django, Everything Everything is in love with syncopated beats, vocal harmonies, and angular guitars.

“MY KZ UR BF” is taken from their debut album, Man Aive. The track was released in the UK in 2009. The track features’ the band’s signature syncopation but with U2-esque with the echoed and reverbed guitar arpeggios.

Besides “MY KZ UR BF” and a remix of “Cough Cough,” all the other tracks on the EP are from last year’s Arc. The titular track features a highly syncopated beat, soaring vocals, and mix of electronics and rock instrumentation. It sounds somewhere between Alt-J, Dirty Projectors, and Usher. “Torso of the Week” is one of the best tracks on Arc so it is nice to find it on this collection. “Kemosabe” has been remixed to death online so having the original here seems appropriate.

In the end, these tracks are easily heard numerous places online and have been so for at least five months. For those new to Everything Everything, Cough Cough is an appropriate starting place, but for everyone else, it is an ignorable release.
Rating: 7.0/10
MP3: Everything Everything “Cough Cough”
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