Exclusive: Chad Vicious

chad vicious, remixSurviving the Golden Age has been proud to curate three exclusive DJ mixes so far. Our fourth feels a lot like our first because it is produced by the same man, Chad Vicious but it is vastly different. This time Chad brings us a full hour of music and it is decidedly heavier. If you ever wanted to listen to an hour of music and feel like your face was melted off, this is for you. Peep the track listing and enjoy the mix!

Celldweller “Eon (Drivepilot Remix)”
Marilyn Manson “Mobscene (Chad Vicious Remix)”
Rage Against the Machine “Know Your Enemy (Morgan Blu Remix)”
The Boomzers “We Are Back”
FUKK UP! “My Name is FUKK UP! (TokamaK Remix)”
VNNR “What (Silent H! Remix)”
HAEZER “Joey Bloom”
Chad Vicious “The Devil Knows Your Name”
Chad Vicious “Primate”
HAEZER “Monkey (F.O.O.L. Remix)”
Trashing Teenagers “Wrath of God (Trumpdisco Remix)”
Valerna “Nurot”
THE SLUT GARDEN & LOOOL “Hungry Teen Attack (Asian Trash Boy Remix)”
Kill The Noise “Deal With It”
PARTYSMARTIE “All I Do Is Party (Chemical Remix)”
Sexinspace “Glitter and Pain (Hack The System Remix)”
Dan Sena “Song Of Siren (Kids At The Bar Remix)”
Chad Vicious “This Is Not a Love Song (Dub Mechanics Vocal Remix featuring Veronica Summer)
Kaskade & Dada Life “Ice”

MP3: Chad Vicious “Surviving the Golden Age exclusive mix 2012”


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