Exclusive: Vague-à-bonde

Vague-a-bonde, exclusive23-year-old Minneapolis musician, Vague-à-bonde recently released her debut album, Involution/Evolution. As part of our exclusive mix series, Vague-à-bonde creates a solid 40-minutes of music that explains her esoteric of influences from classical music to R&B and classic rock. Peep the track list below:

(1) Claude Debussy (title unknown)
(2) Usher “Climax”
(3) Estelle “Thank You”
(4) MunQs “The Silence”
(5) Vague-à-bonde “Voices”
(6) Fleetwood Mac “Dreams (Soul Clap Remix)”
(7) The Wanted “Glad You Came Instrumental (Vague-à-bonde Garrison Keillor/Coast to Coast AM edit)”
(8) Bruce Springsteen “I’m on Fire”
(9) Olsen Twinns “165”
(10) Vague-à-bonde “Medibation (Never before released track)”
(11) IU “You & I”

MP3: Vague-à-bonde “Medi-bation Mix (Surviving the Golden Age Exclusive)”

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