EZTV: Calling Out

By Matt Craig Burke

With a fresh breeze of aquatic guitar leads and calm vocals, the New York quartet unleashes surfy overtones that swim through out Calling Out, as if they rolled around the sand of Venice Beach.

EZTV‘s bright sound, which is both up-lifting and relaxing, encourages you to ditch the cubicle and move to a remote island. The laid-back sound on, Calling Out resembles bands with that East Coast vibe and a splash of West Coast, comparable to Real Estate and Beach Fossils. Although, EZTV is more fun. A sense of positivity pulsates, even if their lyrics suggests frustration and despair. It’s an easy listen, for the album drifts along, like coasting down the interstate; windows down with the sun’s warmth beaming on your skin.

Without much of a break from the buoyant appeal of EZTV’s debut, “Bury Your Heart” tees off the album with a mixture of 80’s new-wave guitar that has a 60’s arrangement. Similar is, “The Light” it’s watery demeanor, accompanied by topsy-turvy rhythms that pair well to summer. Other tracks such as “There Goes My Girl” contains a fresh sound of acoustic guitars and memorable chorus, as the 12 song LP doesn’t offer much to complain about.

Since songwriter/vocalist, Ezra Tenebaum gives such a lively personality to EZTV’s debut LP, it’s enjoyable and satisfying, making it great for any occasion. Yet, Calling Out does start to sound redundant. Nothing ground-breaking and the room for growth comes to question. It will be interesting to see where the band grows on future releases.

Rating: 7.5/10

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