FabricLive: Jack Beats


The Fabric nightclub in London has released their 74th FabricLive compilation; one of their two Dj compilation series that have came out once a month on an alternating cycle since late 2001. Big name producers like Diplo to award winning Dj’s like Jack Beats’ Dj Plus One and Beni G have mixed tracks, carrying the Fabric brand name, with the FabricLive series being specifically more open to the latest trending sub genres of electronic music. The “Live” in FabricLive doesn’t necessarily mean the session is recorded live, and the transitions are so clear in this mix, it is safe to assume it was not done live.

Jack Beats start the mix compilation with one of their own tracks, “Beatbox”, which stays true to their funky style of fidget house, synth stabs, and dropping the audio leading into an acapella section. Fidget house, a sub genre of electro house, seems to be a common thread in the mix compilation, especially with the tracks by Jack Beats.

The selection of tracks in the album do not stray too far away from electro house, which leaves the mix feeling like something from the past with casual melodies in tracks like “Requim” by Ten Walls and “Holding You Tight” by Sure Thing. The odd thing is all of the tracks in the mix were produced in this decade, yet most of them still have a retro quality.

There are several tracks that capture contemporary genres like dubstep and trap music. “Trap Shit V13” by UZ almost sounds like a satirical take on trap music, with a xylophone and synth stabs making up the entire melody rather than deep basslines and hip-hop inspired riffs. “Just A Beat”, a fidget house/dubstep mash up by Jack Beats, is also another interesting track that breaks down genres to a simplified form. At the end of each beat, comprised of distorted drums, a casual wobble creates a really simple but smooth track which is a pretty stark contrast from the high energy dubstep tracks which have become extremely popular.

The compilation in total has a retro, casual vibe which may be nice to play in the background, but would not necessarily be something to hit the dance floor with. What Jack Beats certainly have accomplished with their selection of tracks is create an album that compliments their style and captures their tastes.

Rating: 6.0/10
MP3: UZ “Trap Shit V13 (Justin Martin Remix)”
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