Fall Out Boy: Save Rock and Roll

fall out boy, save rock and rollThey’re back, and as good as ever. After a four-year hiatus after releasing 2008’s Folie A Deux, the pop punk kings of Chicago–Fall Out Boy have returned. Save Rock and Roll (A title selected by Sir Elton John, who lends his vocals for the title track) is not a typical Fall Out Boy album, but that is hardly a bad thing. If anything, the band has shown that they can adapt and incorporate new styles successfully.

The album kicks off with a bang, with “The Phoenix” invading your ears. The band’s second single from the album, it is arguably the best of them all. You will get chills when listen to Patrick Stump scream at 3:11. Next is the band’s first single to be released off the album, “My Songs Know What You Did in The Dark.” The anger you hear in “The Phoenix” carries over here and the biting lyrics show you that while their sound may have changed, their attitudes sure haven’t. “Alone Together” has a great vocal melody and is a major shift in theme. While the song is quite catchy, it’s a little campy for what we’d expect from the band. “We can be alone together, we can stay young forever” is far from their best song writing. Still, it’s worth a listen. “The Might Fall” has an interesting beat layered with heavy riffs and a hard rock sound. The vocals are spot on and the verse by rapper Big Sean actually fits well with the beat, making an all-around good track. The album’s closing number, the title track features Sir Elton John, and his influence is obvious. The angry track manages to bring out the best in both artists, reminding us why Fall Out Boy was so missed.

While the album may not literally Save Rock and Roll, it will do wonders for saving Fall Out Boy’s career. The power, the anger, and the talent exhibited on this album prove once again that the members of Fall Out Boy can make a great album.

Rating: 8.6/10
MP3: Fall Out Boy “The Phoenix”
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