Faye Webster and Upchuck: Live in St. Petersburg, FL

The release of Underdressed at the Symphony marked a turning point in the career of Faye Webster, a multi-talented singer-songwriter whose blend of indie folk and alt-country captivated audiences worldwide. Emerging from a hiatus, Webster made a return to the music scene after her release of I Know Im Funny Haha, with the announcement of her highly anticipated follow up album and the surprise release of several singles in January, signaling a new chapter in her career, with a highly anticipated show featuring numerous sold-out stops.

Following the success of her previous works, Webster’s album, brimming with deep lyricism and her signature melodies, debuted to critical acclaim in March. Despite her solo success and acclaim, Webster’s return to the spotlight with her latest project underscores the enduring importance of her artistry to both herself and her dedicated fanbase, affirming her position within the music industry.

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Opening the show was Upchuck, a band from the vibrant scene in Atlanta. As they took the stage, there was a sudden shift in energy. The crowd leaned in, ready to soak in every riff and lyric. Without hesitation, Upchuck dove into their set with fierce determination, setting the tone for the entire evening. Their unique blend of punk-rock grit and indie charm electrified the venue, immediately capturing everyone’s attention with each crashing chord and pulsating beat.


Webster put on a fascinating show. Opening with the hauntingly beautiful and popular “But Not Kiss,” she immediately set the tone for the evening, her soulful vocals and introspective lyrics drawing the audience into her world. From there, Webster seamlessly transitioned into a setlist filled with hits like “Right Side of My Neck” and “Kingston,” each song showcasing her undeniable talent and artistry. The visuals accompanying the performance added an extra layer of depth and immersion, enhancing the overall experience for everyone in attendance.

One of the highlights of the evening was Webster’s performance of “A Dream With a Baseball Player,” a dreamy track that transported the audience to another time and place. The intimate setting of an outdoor venue in the spring heat allowed Faye’s tender vocals to shine, bringing a joyful experience to those in attendance. As the show progressed, Webster’s presence on stage radiated vulnerability, forging a deep connection with her audience.

As the evening came to an end, Faye Webster’s performance only intensified, captivating the audience and leaving them yearning for more as she gracefully bid farewell during “Kingston.” In a tender moment, as Webster sang the line “He said baby, that’s what he called me,” the crowd joined in with loving voices, echoing affection by shouting “I love you!” to express their gratitude for the unforgettable show.

From the ethereal opening notes of “But Not Kiss” to the finale of “Kingston”, Webster’s concert at Jannus Live was a magical experience that transcended time and left an indelible mark on all in attendance. With each song, Webster showcased her talent and charisma, creating a bond with her fans that will be cherished forever.

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