The Features: Wilderness

the features, wildernessThe Features: Wilderness
Though they call Nashville home, The Feature’s latest full length release Wilderness, has all the flavoring of a deep down in the delta, mid-seventies, Southern Rock masterpiece. And why shouldn’t it? The Features were the first band signed to the Kings of Leon’s imprint Serpents and Snakes.
For your average four piece band, Wilderness, offers an amazingly full sound. This is due in no small part to work of keyboardist Mark Bond. There’s no doubt the Features couldn’t produce a straight rocking guitar oriented album, but the addition of organ and synth push tracks like, “Big Momma Gonna Whip us Good,” and “Offer Up,” into a higher order that keeps the record from resembling the standard radio friendly rock we’ve been smothered with recently.
One of the highlights of the album, in fact a track that can be considered something of a departure from Wilderness, as a whole is “Fats Domino.” It’s a straight forward, if not appropriately sentimental number, reminiscent of rock’s naïve days before groupies, heroin, or irony. The tempo is relaxed, and vocalist Matt Pelham drops the drawling scowl for a more honest, emotive delivery that pulls the audience away from the rant and riot of preceding material.     
I appreciate these types of one off tracks, it displays the scope of the group’s talent while presenting a break from the established sound. The set finishes out on an equally even keel, creating an album-wide dynamic that works well. Wilderness, has all the hallmarks of an important work, consistently entertaining and engaging arrangements and a slice of depth to keep The Features, from seeming like just another rock band.
Rating: 6.0/10
MP3: The Features “Another One”
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  • Mina says:

    Great review–sounds like you really enjoyed the album, so why only 6/10?

  • Ray says:

    Excellent question Mina:

    The truth is I did really enjoy the album, but I also heard some unveiled influences that I didn’t really care for. We here at SGA prize originality over all else, and while ‘Wilderness,’ was fun, I had to dock them for that.

    Very observant and thanks for the post.


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