Premiere: Federale “Trouble”

Portland’s Federale are preparing to release their fifth studio album, No Justice. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere their new single, “Trouble.”

The music of Federale can be described as spaghetti western rock. Featuring a vast sound of piano, horns, and strings, it sets the background for the crooning vocals of Collin Hegna, formerly of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. “The set upon protagonist in this story tells of a woman who he is madly in love with but causes him nothing but…trouble” says Hegna. “His femme fatale counterpart responds to him (in French) that he is a fool and that he is the architect of his own misery. But she also admits that she is aware that she has him wrapped around her finger.”

If listening to “Trouble” doesn’t make you want to watch Django Unchained or The Hateful Eight, nothing will.

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