Five Great Dress-Up Ideas for Your Next Music Festival


There’s nothing quite like a great music festival and one of the best things about them is getting all dolled up and loving your favourite artists and their amazing tunes; there’s so much fun in finding a fabulous outfit that’s guaranteed to turn heads, and music festivals are generally a great opportunity to don all kinds of outrageous outfits and accessories you’d never be able to wear on the street.

We’ve put together five great dress-up suggestions to help you stand out from the crowd and have an amazing time doing it at your next music festival:

The Tutu

The tutu is a fabulous little item and let’s face it, while we all want to wear one, we’re not all ballerinas; happily, music festivals give us just the right excuse!  From little and pink to little and white or even little and multicolored, the thing that makes the tutu so much fun to wear is that fact that it’s just so… little! 

Rarely will you get an excuse to wear something this dramatic in public so be sure to dress for success at your next music festival with a sassy tutu!

A Sensational Mask

While at one time ornate and dramatic masks were reserved for things like starring in a major opera production, they make fantastic accessories for attending music festivals; from feathers to faux gemstones, brilliant colours and a wide variety of other flashy and sensational designs, a great mask can make for endless fun!

Big Boots

There are few things in life that are as much fun to wear as a big pair of boots!  Whether chunky and bold or elegant stilettos, big boots can come in a wide range of shapes and colours and can always cater directly to amount of drama you want to pump into your outfit; boots are one of the most lively and fun accessories going so if you’re looking for a way to show off your glorious gams, find a great pair and strut your stuff!  always provided a wide range of items in this style – perfect for festivals. 

Fringes and Tassels

Fringes and tassels have long been an outrageous way to make a bold statement on any costume, and they’re an exciting and magnificent way to dramatize any outfit!  From leather to gemstones, beads to braids, adorning any plain, simple outfit with fringes and tassels lends an instant boost and a funky bit of flash.

Coordinated Outfits!

No matter how outrageous you decide to go, coordinating your outfit with the girls can make for some fantastic fun! From imitating the style of a glorious and beloved girl band to just turning yourselves into a gorgeous and original bevy of beauties, coordinated costumes are an interesting and fun idea for any festival!

Music festivals are always an amazing bit of fun, and getting the opportunity to dress up and show off your groove is one of the best parts of all; there are a variety of electrifying and powerful costumes out there and these costume ideas will help you get there in style!

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