Fïx8:Sëd8: Warning Signs

Bound by tradition and innovation, German producer, Fix8:Sed8 is back with a new album entitled, Warning Signs. Backed by Dependent Records, Martin Sane is continuously given creative freedom to displays his different interpretations of humanism. From his last critically acclaim release in 2017, Foren6, Martin Sane has proven to have amazing abilities as an electronic composer by mixing the classic customs of industrial music with intuitive alterations. Unlike, Foren6, the new album is a surreal, post-apocalyptic chaos that is built around the Garden of Eden. Witnessing the beauty within self-destruction is an immediate attention grabber as the implosive sounds of this sonic outburst override your speakers.

Sane explicitly pushes his boundaries as the album unfolds its dystopian concept. As heart throbbing as Warning Signs is, it can also be interpreted as introspection of human desire and human chaos – the recognition between good and evil and how one chooses to live with that choice. In an interview, Sane said, “this album is a soundtrack to modern dystopic downfall that we would rather like to ignore than to face.” Explaining that humanity understands chaos, but chooses to look the other way as it continues.

The big sound of the drums and synthesizers creates sonic foundation that sounds like a rhythmic storm. The first song, “Embolism” is an ethereal nightmare that opens the gates to hell. The horn-like sounds and clash of the 909-kick drum easily create the sense of anxiety and discomfort- two characteristics that are vital in order to understand the album. Sane presents these feelings as the song continues and his voice is introduced, which embraces a double-octave mechanical sound.

Tracks like “The Sceptic” embellish his dark appeal as he is courageously illustrating that flowers can grow out of shit. Carried by the oscillating sequencer, a layer of strings and another arpeggiator help construct war for the next track, “Depression Deity.” The clash of noise and death-robotic voice fashion a build up for the complexity of the drop of the drum beats. Writing drum patterns that resemble his love for 80s industrial groups like Skinny Puppy.

Fix8:Sed8 takes us back to the original roots of industrial electronic art. From the aesthetic to the composition itself, Sane encapsulates the past in the present. Track three, “Parasite Paradise,” is the perfect example of this. With high-end string melodies and thumping kick drums to help introduce the main bass-synth riff, Fix goes “old school” as the song develops. Layered with ominous vocals and movie sample clips, the song describes the negative conditions of our current reality. Furthermore, he released a music video for the song that represents his retro dark-wave elegance. The unique video is a strobe light effect that envisions of nightmare, flashbacks, and symbolic imageries. The heavy light effects deliberately distort the visuals as the shapeshifting colors resemble an apocalyptic kaleidoscope.

Reintroducing the past to the present is a common theme in music, yet it always challenging to execute the art with respect and innovation. Fix9:Sed8 has proven to be a prolific producer that generates power, presence, and performance. Attaining the respect from those who came before him, Fix8:Sed8 new album deserves to be heard by all- Even more from those who do not listen to industrial, but love electronic music. It is a great introduction. But more importantly, the message is a mind-bending truth about our future and state of consciousness. Therefore, understanding this album establishes social awareness and opens the doors for those who feel like discovering new music.

Rating: 8.8/10

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