Forsyth featuring Jadakiss, Cam James, Clyde Kelly & J. Writing “Hat Trick (Remix)”

Los Angeles rapper, Forsyth just dropped his single “Hat Trick” back in 2019. Over a year later, the track gets the remix treatment bring in Cam James, Clyde Kelly, J. Writing, and the legendary Jadakiss.

Although he is the biggest name “featured” and his name is listed the biggest on the single’s cover saying “Jadakiss presents…,” the Lox rapper is largely absent from the actual track except for “blessing it” before the song really starts. Despite his noticeable absence, the other four rappers perform admirably. Cam James comes through with my favorite line “hate me cause my canopy higher, I call that bigotry.” Get it? It sounds like bigger tree? I chuckled.

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