Fort Lean: Quiet Day

By Matt Craig Burke

Brooklyn-based quintet, Fort Lean, debuts their first full-length, Quiet Day. The follow-up to 2012’s short and sweet Change Your Name EP. Packed with mood changes of up-beat and happy to atmospheric and spacey, Fort Lean forces you to be patient with their new-born LP.

Galloping over the starting line of Quiet Day is, “Cut to the Chase” trotting out its bubbly rhythms and Keenan Mitchell’s smooth, yet sharp vocals, I hear Dr. Dog whispering sweet nothings into my ear. “Just a Little Spirit” bounces along barking for my attention with its spirited self and intriguingly spacious bridge gets you snapping your fingers. “Don’t Make it a Habit” is too damn catchy, (which I could say for most of the record!) as it gradually builds along, sucking you in before it abruptly ends. Breaking up the album and my dreams is “Quiet Day” as it hushes the audience with its calming midnight drive feel. “Might’ve Misheard” would sound awesome live with its high energy and driving chorus, easily making it a fan favorite. An arsenal of tones and sounds, Fort Lean shows off their creative ability for catchy songs while also mustering up songs like “21” that echo in your ear as you drift above the clouds in its soothing bliss.

Quiet Day sounds like Fort Lean has been making albums for quite some time. The tracks perfectly placed with a full, clean sound, that create the recipe for a memorable first full-length from the indie-poppers and with a mixture of different moods, the band also leaves room for growth to future releases. The record deserves a good listen, and with a little patience, you’ll find some gems for you ear drums to latch onto.

Rating: 7.5/10

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