Premiere: Freudian Slurp: The Getaway Car

Seattle quintet, Freudian Slurp organized a concert at the Chapel Performance Space in Seattle shortly before Covid hit in 2020. The recordings of that concert became the basis for their new album, The Getaway Car. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the album stream.

Band leader, Ian Hughes said “We invited intimate crowd of family and friends and they watched us record through the whole album a couple of times.” The result is an album filled with indelible grooves and expert improvisation. The basics of Nirvana‘s “In Bloom” is stretched into a nearly six minute jam session with trumpeter Adam Robb taking the chorus melody and turning it into the track’s main solo. The album’s biggest highlight might be its shortest song “Let’s Not and Say We Did.” Hughes described the song as “a commentary on the trials and tribulations of writing music in a democratic way. It’s an adventurous track, bookended by an intricate melody, played in unison by the whole band. The song culminates with an intense group improvisation, spearheaded by Adam’s flavorful trumpet lines.”

The hybrid of jazz, funk, and jam band aesthetic on The Getaway Car makes for a fun and often surprising listening experience. While the album is technically a live album, it doesn’t play as one. The recording quality is pristine and the small audience is barely noticeable except at the very end of the performance. What the live nature of the album does show us is how virtuosic an in form Freudian Slurp can be.

You can order the album at Freudian Slurp’s bandcamp

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