Georgia Anne Muldrow: Seeds

By Stefan Walczak

In r&b and soul music, nothing has made a bigger splash in recent years than Georgia Anne Muldrow’s new full-length album, Seeds. Produced by hip-hop beat wizard Madlib, Muldrow channels her inner soul and life purpose for the psychedelic array of samples and textures that pass through each track.

Muldrow has been a prominent singer in neo-psychedelia and soul music since 2006. Seeds, her 7th full LP proves that she is only gaining momentum. “Seeds” as the opening track keeps Muldrow’s statement direct and full of purpose. “Who is on the lookout for the seeds / We took more than we really need / Protect de seeds,” sings Muldrow with vast, emotional depth. It is easy to detect the fiery passion that rages inside of Muldrow, for her themes in Seeds range from humanitarian efforts to spiritual and transcendental contemplations.

Each song is a testament to both Muldrow’s talent as a singer and Madlib’s talent as a producer, and for anyone who is a fan of both, it is truly a thrill to hear the two of them come together so effortlessly. “Calabash,” the 3rd song on the album, opens with a colorful Motown intro, which quickly cuts to the soft funky jazz samples as Muldrow soars over the beat with her captivating vocal melodies. Even when it sounds like she is improvising with her melodies, she pulls it off with such a natural quality that one cannot ignore the beautiful music that is a part of this woman. “Why do we kill each other / when we’re all the same,” she asks in a hypnotizing loop.

Muldrow’s music and lyrics are full of love, and Seeds contains a very encouraging and enlightening tone throughout. As for the producer side of Seeds, Madlib seems to be the best fit for Muldrow’s vocal style. His bright and melodic samples, ranging from funk, r&b, hip-hop, and soul help elevate the overall musicianship of the album to a very high standard that seems like it would be very difficult to top. “Don’t wait / Been thinking about it too long / We got to elevate and be strong,” sings Muldrow on “Seeds.”

Rating: 8.4/10

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