The Ghost Inside: The Ghost Inside

Six years is a passage of time that makes or breaks most bands. It is a tumultuous era of touring, realizing sense of purpose, and casting into new frontiers. The Ghost Inside had a double-pronged controversy starting in 2015.

In a tweet on June 6, TGI release a statement detailing how “they have decided to part ways with bassist Jim Riley.” Jim Riley allegedly called the bus driver a racial slur. The Ghost Inside stressed “racism and bigotry of any kind stifle the journey toward the light”. Along with the tragic bus accident that left the five in critical condition, the hard-hitting TGI traveled forward. A monument to their reinvigoration and demonic expulsion, June 5th saw the release of their brand-new self-titled album.

What better way to reconstruct your identity than by slamming in with a drum solo on the opening track “1333”. The drum-fill into breakdown combo is a true crotch kicker and sets a tone of “here we are, five years stronger.” If that isn’t a future lyric of theirs, they should split up.

They announce their intent with the next song “Still Alive”. It’s thrilling and has a lot of horsepower. The callout into the breakdown says it is the “new sound of sacrifice”. Sources agree.

“The Outcast” tears so deeply, you will require gauze. The song structure is fairly general but the unique hi-hat breakdown into “I am unstoppable” is a crushing homage to Kublai Khan.

One of the finest achievements on the album is their mastery of pit-worthy breakdowns. The breakdowns in “Pressure Point” and “Aftermath” especially jolt the senses. When they experienced traumatic breakdowns in life, they remarkably channeled the pain into breakdowns. Symbolic, formulaic, and a great use of their aggression. Even their songs “Phoenix Rise” and “Begin Again” detail their want to reform and put the past behind them.

All five members of the band collaborated on the album, which shows heartfelt and inspired songwriting. “Unseen” combines epic orchestral buildup that erupts into a powerbomb of distorted frenzy. The emotion of their crash seeps in asking “Am I lucky to be alive?”

Throughout the entire album, The Ghost Inside proved to do what they do best with their street-heavy hardcore spirit and it will take more than tragedy to get them to stay down. Their music video for the last song “Aftermath” is compelling and full of heart. It is now streaming everywhere you can download music.

Rating: 8.8/10

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