Premiere: Glitter Moneyyy “Nastyyy”

Florida-by-way-of-Chicago duo, Glitter Moneyyy are releasing their album, Binge on July 12th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere their latest single, “Nastyyy.”

Starting in a whirr of noise and handclaps, “Nastyyy” is a hot mess anthem. With elements of Animal-era Ke$ha and early Iggy Azalea, it is clear that Queen Trashley and TayyySlayyy can both rap but have an ear for pop. With a frenetic energy and lines like “drop it like its acid,” it is easy to think “Nastyyy” is a relic from the YOLO generation but there is more to Glitter Moneyyy than that. “Nastyyy” is a hyper-reaction to today’s toxic socio-political hellscape and a much need one.

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