The Good Graces “Broke In Two”

The track “Broke in Two” found on the new album coming, Set Your Sights by the Good Graces, starts out by giving vibes that take you back to California in the 70’s. The dreamy folk-like rhythm starts by sweeping you up into a feel-good mood. However, the lyrics take a “heart on sleeve” approach that singer, Kim Ware tends to take with other tracks. Kim’s vocals seem to take on a role that flows with the Joanne-esqu Lady Gaga feel in this track. The haunting vocals intertwining with the melancholy feel of the song altogether bring you to a trip of feeling the true heartbreak. The lyrics take you through Kim’s journey of the whirlwind breakup of over 10 years ago and her reflection on that relationship and where it went wrong.

I’m willing to say that anyone listening to this song can truly feel the reflection and search for redemption through the indie-folk duo’s tunes.

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