Guerilla Toss: What Would The Odd Do?

Set phasers to rock! New York City’s Guerilla Toss is back with another art rock rollercoaster. Proving to be more experimental than their mainstream counterparts, What Would the Odd Do? is a smorgasbord of odd timing and wacky sound effects wrapped in a style that’s undeniably fun. Even their album art is a foreshadowing of their abstract and futuristic sound. Despite all their artistic leaps and creative choices, all the tracks are still profoundly catchy. What Would the Odd Do? will have you lacing up your dancing shoes in no time.

Guerilla Toss is an electro indie-punk band that sounds like Grouplove meets Sonic Youth rock with industrial and disco influences. If you’re a fan of synthesizers and the punk rock stylings of Sex Bob-Omb, then this album is for you. This underground sound has gained Guerilla Toss a large following in the DIY community, but has all the energy and appeal of radio rock. There’s a huge futuristic element here and honestly this album sounds like what punk-rockers from the moon would listen to in 2099.

All five songs feel like unique journeys on the same map, but of course there are highlights. “Plants” starts with a Nine Inch Nails-inspired bass line and transforms into a funky dance tune. “Future Doesn’t Know” features weird math-y hooks and FX saturated vocals. “Moth Like Me” has a Vampire Weekend-esque intro melody, but quickly jumps into a pulsing wall of noise. While veterans of punk and more experimental sounding music will find it easy to fall in love with these tracks, some newer listeners or those who prefer a more standard approach to electronic indie music may find it difficult to jump into this album headfirst. For those on the fence, it’s worth acquiring the taste.

There’s something irrefutably rebellious and fresh about this EP, but with all the catchiness of popular predecessors. In a world of quick fame and artists shooting out music for the masses, What Would the Odd Do? is a breath of fresh air. This band feels like they’re being their truest selves, laying out a massive space-age sound for punks and hipsters alike. It’s only a matter of time before this band starts hitting the airwaves and becoming a household name.

Rating: 8.0/10

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