Premiere: Hnry Flwr “Little Brother”

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, Hnry Flwr is preparing to release his debut EP, Flowerama on June 16th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the single “Little Brother.” Opening with a guitar line that sounds like a chopped n screwed version of The Pixies‘ “Where is My Mind,” the track is an earnest ballad with tinges of country, shoegaze, and even a little “Free Bird.”

Lyrically, “Little Brother” deals with bullying. Of the track Flwr says “Often the first time a child feels empowered is when a younger sibling comes into their life. That power can be intoxicating– before we understand how dangerous it can be. Young humans grow up and they have to deal with the regret of bullying their younger peers, or they are compensating for their being bullied. Most kids grow up and have to deal with both those things. The reflection conjured by this song is meant to help one to move through that regret and helplessness.”

It will be interesting to see if the rest of Flowerama can match the beauty of “Little Brother.”

Tour dates
Aug 15 – Brooklyn, NY – C’mon Everybody ((Elisa residency))
Aug 3 – Brooklyn, NY – Our Wicked Lady ((Hey Anna))
July 29 – New Haven, CT – The Spaceland Ballroom ((Elison Jackson, City Streets Country Roads))
July 8 – Brooklyn, NY – Lantern Hall – Benefit for Galen ((Shadow of a Jaguar // Low Anxiety))
June 23 – Queens, NY – Footlight ((The Big Drops // Great Woods – Album Release))
June 16 – New York, NY – Berlin [EP Release] ((The Undercover Dream Lovers / Rhinestone))
June 11 – Brooklyn, NY – Heritage Radio {Snacky Tunes}
June 10 – Brooklyn, NY – Northside Festival @ Vital Joint ((Ziemba / Nightspace / Cop Funeral))
June 3 – Brooklyn, NY – Color Me Bushwick [3pm]

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