Iamsu: $uzy 6 $peed

Iamsu, suzy 6 speedIamsu: $uzy 6 $peed
If there is one San Francisco rapper that has the talent to bring the bay area back to west coast prominence, his name is Iamsu. Pronounced I-am-su, the Richmond, CA native has created quite a buzz in 2012. Starting with a feature on the E-40 hit “Function”, and collaborations with names like Wiz Khalifa, YG and Juvenile. The release of two mixtapes (Kilt and $uzy 6 $peed) has created an underground buzz that will land him on many rappers to watch in 2013 lists.

What I like about Su is that he is definitely a “new era” rapper. He doesn’t sound like a traditional/mainstream Bay Area rapper like E-40 or Too $hort, and his sound isn’t overly hyphy. However you cant argue the fact that he is from the bay, lyrically it sounds like it. The stories described are more underground, even a little comical at times; it reminds me of San Fran underground kings Mac Dre and Andre Nickatina. When I mentioned “new era” rapper in the beginning its because of the commercial/pop feel he has to some songs, similar to how Wiz Khalifa’s styles have changed since he first burst on to the scene. It seems Su has already made the transition and is ready for air play.

I have listened to his mixtape over and over and I would recommend it to most hip hop fans. Most of these songs sound like they should be played in 60-plus degree weather on a beach or at a party. HBK Gang seems to be pretty stable with a roster of talent and as for Iamsu!, keep an eye out, 2013 could be big.
Rating: 8/10
MP3: Iamsu featuring Wiz Khalifa “Goin’ Up”
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