Premiere: Impuritees “Nothing Matters”

Vancouver musician, Duncan Lee aka Impuritees is preparing to release his debut album, Nothing Matters on June 16th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the album’s titular lead single. The song’s title and lyrics comes from Lee’s existential questioning. He says “the song revolves around the pessimistic idea of no matter what you do good or bad, you’ll still end up in the ground like everybody else.” Yet “Nothing Matters” is heavy, uptempo pop/rock with blazing lead guitar riff, catchy enough to be from a 90s-Weezer track like “Say it Ain’t So.” It gives way to heavier chugging guitars which shows why Impuritees list artists like Metallica and Black Sabbath among his list of influences. It is a powerhouse of a debut single.

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