Interview: P.O.S. of Doomtree/Four Fists

P.O.S. is a very busy man, man. Tomorrow, he releases a 7″ from his new project, Four Fists featuring Astronautalis. We got a chance to talk to P.O.S. about this 7″ as well as upcoming plans for his many other ambitions.

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Your bio lists a myriad of projects you have been involved in. How many are you currently involved with?

Hmm…Doomtree, P.O.S., and Marijuana Deathsquads. Those are the primary right now.

And we’re here to talk about Four Fists

Oh, I totally left that one out!

How did Four Fists come about?

Me and Astronautalis met on the 2004 Warped Tour. Pretty much as soon as we met we were like “lets make some music together man” and then we just take forever.

What drew you to Astronautalis’ style?

I think we were both attracted to each other’s style because they don’t necessarily sound like a pure hip hop rapper rapping and we’re both influenced by things outside of hip hop like indie rock and punk rock and things outside of standard rapping. I think that kind of drew us into each other’s style.

So while working on Four Fists, how did you influence each other?

I don’t know honestly. I think that working together was so natural that we didn’t even think about it. I think the idea of sounding stylish came into his forefront while being writerly came into mine. I think we influenced each other that way. He’s definitely more literary than me and I’m more like stylesauce. So I think we’re trying to impress each other when we rap like any good rap friends.

So how would you describe Four Fists’ sound in comparison to your own catalogue?

The skill of the rapping is closer to my more recent records but the overall sound is probably closest to my first record. You know what I’m saying? If you could replace me as an amateur rapper on my first record with the way I rap now with that noisy overtly punk rock spirit. On this first batch of songs anyway.

So there is more to come?

Well not only is there more to come this year but there is more to come forever from me and him until we don’t want to make music anymore. We’re just that kind of people with each other.

So other stuff is already written?

Yeah but its all about planning with this stuff. We’ll probably release a full length next year.

So what’s next for you after this gets released?

Doomtree is starting to write a new record next month and I have studio time booked the month after to make the new P.O.S. record. There never is really much time for relaxing.

Awesome. I loved the last Doomtree record.

We really loved it too and that’s why we’re really excited to see where it goes. Lazerbeak and Cecil Otter just made up a soundcloud of like 50 new beats so we’ve all been listening to their new masterpieces and getting excited the last couple of days.

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