Interview: Piebald

After over a decade of sporadic reunion shows and tours, Piebald surprisingly released their first new music in 12 years last Friday. Piebald Presents To You, A Musical Christmas Adventure is the band’s first newly recorded music since 2007’s Accidental Gentlemen. We were lucky to correspond with Travis Shettel from Piebald to talk a little bit about Christmas, their upcoming holiday shows in New England, and touring with Dashboard Confessional next year.

You have not released new material since 2007’s Accidental Gentlemen. What made you want to get back into the studio?

Just the pure enjoyment of music and being friends. Plus, Holiday songs don’t seem to have to have the same mental investment that a regular Piebald song has to have.

For your first new material in over a decade, what made you want to do a Christmas album?

I think it’s the less pressure aspect of the lightheartedness of Christmas music. I know that I personally felt less stress knowing I was intentionally writing “holiday songs.” Maybe it was even a warm up for us for something more serious in the future? Gotta dust it off sometimes and see what you can create again, right?!?

The press release says you had to record in September. What was it like recording a Christmas album months away from the actual season? Was it hard to get in the spirit?

It was not hard at all. Santa popped in and really made us feel the holiday spirit!

What’s the best Christmas gift you have ever received?

Dukes of Hazzard big wheel tricycle.

You’re going on a short New England tour in December, what should fans expect from these shows?

A big ol’ happy mess of a time! Ya know, like is expected of the ‘Bald. Probably a visit from Santa, some Christmas songs, hopefully a few rarer jams of our own, and all three from the new e.p!

Next February, you are going on tour with Dashboard Confessional. How did that come about?

Really, they just asked our booking agent and he relayed the message. We obviously had to say yes. We have played with Dashboard Confessional before, but we’re really honored that he asked us to go.

After the tour, are there any future Piebald?

I hope we get to play more shows and I definitely now hope we get to make more music!

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