Ironing Board Sam “Baby You Got It”

Electronic/dance artists spend most of their time scouring over the past fifty years of music for that perfect sample. Girl Talk or say Moby will then add a beat, some accompanying tracks and presto: they’ve got themselves a song. That’s fine and well, but for a little bit of authenticity how about an artist’s who’s spent those last fifty years making samples for himself?

“Baby You Got It” the latest single by Ironing Board Sam. At 75 Sam was electro back when Dylan was torn over the idea of even plugging his guitar in. Sam’s brand of dance funk has been putting feet to the beat longer than the current crop of EDM superstars will live, and the decades of tricks up his sleeves means the soon to be released “Super Spirit” (Big Legal Mess) will be the perfect big city basement party jam—one with a hell of a back story to go along with it.

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