Jack’s Mannequin: People and Things

Jack's Mannequin, People and ThingsJack’s Mannequin: People and Things
Andrew McMahon‘s battle with cancer is probably as famous as his work with Something Corporate or Jack’s Mannequin. Although the cancer has been in remission since 2006, the theme is still evident on Jack’s Mannequin’s third studio album, People and Things.
Going through a battle with cancer certainly puts life and mortality into perspective. This perspective is asserted in songs like “Hey Hey Hey (We’re All Gonna Die),” one of the catchier songs ever written about impending death. The song is not simply about impending death but its also about what’s learned from having a near-fatal illness. McMahon sings “With my bus and my band I’m making a stand/So sympathy now for the last time,” showing his wish to get past the stigma of being a cancer survivor and be seen again as just a song writer.
This idea comes across in many of his more traditionally themed songs like the album’s lead single, “My Racing Thoughts.” The song is undeniably catchy but it does not pack much in a lyrical punch. He puts together cliche’s like “I think I’m running short on inspiration/She’s running long on borrowed time” in a manner that really does not make sense in the context of the song. The song ends up feeling like a fluffy, piece of pop.
Much of the album has a superfluous feeling to it. If McMahon wants to break away from the cancer survivor stigma and stand on his own volition, it is going to take more than poppy adult contemporary music to do it.
Rating: 4.6/10
MP3: Jack’s Mannequin “Hey Hey Hey (We’re All Gonna Die)”
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