JDP: The Legend of Good Foot Jones EP

JDP: The Legend of Good Foot Jones EP
Chicago rapper JDP has teamed together with producer DC to bring us a new mixtape and a new persona. The Legend of Good Foot Jones introduces us to a more soulful side of JDP via 5 new tracks that dropped this past Tuesday, the 2nd of August.
“III” features some delightful piano sampling with JDP’s voice rapping about how super fly he is. It goes straight into a chorus where the lyrics “So you’re a player? How’d you get your game?” is sung immediately followed by JDP spittin “Baby, see my shit is like a fine fixture/I’m fresher than a Catalina Wine Mixer”. From there, I have to say that Vic Spencer‘s appearance doesn’t dazzle at all. It seems misplaced in this track. Thankfully, D2G saves the end of the song flow wise.
The core of JDP and DC are the drive of this EP. Track “II” samples a latin jazz song and slows the tempo down a bit. The intro feels as though you’re listening to a latin party a few rooms over but you can tell it’s a banging party. As Good Foot Jones, JDP gets into how he was born with nothing and had to get everything on his own. The classic latin jazzy music mixes nicely with hip hop beats to give Good Foot a golden path to flow on. It culminates with an outro that jumps on a more Reggae feel.
Basically, the formula for The Legend of Good Foot Jones is to mix soulful, jazzy instrumentals over hip hop beats and allow JDP to sit center stage. The combination works very well and JDP and DC should both be thrilled with there work. There’s a smoothness to the EP that is different from the main stream songs in the genre. JDP acknowledges that this work is different than what you’re accustomed to hearing from him. I still think it’s a success and can’t wait to hear for more.
Rating: 7.3/10
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