Video Rewind 03.04.2016

Mat Zo featuring I See MONSTAS “Sinful”

Mat Zo’s video for the track “Sinful” which features I See MONSTAS is a about a mad scientist who is into collecting douchebag guys. He accomplishes this with a Terminator-esque female robot. Only, she doesn’t have an excellent use of weaponry. Rather, she’s very talented at studying the recent techniques of lap dancing. She picks her targets from a strip club where she offers a private lap dance. It’s here she stuns them into submission even after peeling off her skin. They’re enthralled unti the kiss of death. It’s here that the scientist collects his male target.

Wolfie’s Just Fine “It’s a Job”

Wolfie’s Just Fine’s latest video for “It’s a Job” centers around someone who doesn’t have a job. The young man in the video is clearly lacking for friends, but not imagination. He rides off on his bicycle with a shovel until he finds a rock marked by the same ram-helmet symbol as the one on his shoes. Here he digs until he uncovers four guys who like they’re warriors from a game of Dungeons & Dragons. These guys follow him, each on their own bicycle which is quite the site, and do his bidding. Garbage cans are kicked over, mailboxes are knocked off their posts, its the general mayhem you’d expect an adolescent with a gang of barbarians at their whim getting into.

Carpenter Brut “Turbo Killer”

Carpenter Brut’s video for “Turbo Killer” looks like it could have been directed by Robert Rodriguez. It plays out like a grindouse flick but with some sci-fi feel to go in with it’s action scenes. I’ve no idea who the masked man with the lights where his eyes should be. I just know he really wants his woman back. She’s been kidnapped by this other man who has his gang of sports car and muscle car driving boys with him. The kidnapped woman is being held in a pyramid shaped forcfield. But that’s no match for the masked man’s speed machine. The race is on all the way back to an upside down cross shaped spaceship.

The Kills “Doing it to Death”

The Kills went to the cemetery to shoot their video for “Doing it to Death”. I have to say, if there’s going to be a funeral, this is one grand way to do it. There’s a line of men, all dressed more or less like the undertakers of old times. They’re shuffling along in unison. Even the pallbearers are shuffling along, and they’re not dropping the casket. The name of the song says it right, if you’re going to do something you may as well do it to death (go big or go home). This funeral is getting done to death.

Mutual Benefit “Not for Nothing”

Mutual Benefit’s video for “Not for Nothing” centers around the way we as people tend to get bogged down in our careers even when they’re not fulfilling for us. The man in the video is sitting at his desk, a poster that just says “work” over and over to his left, leans back in his chair and opens his desk. Inside is a compass that points to the one. Now, if she’s the one that got away, or simply the one he can’t be with because he’s at work I can’t exactly say. I do know that he starts to think about how they met and spent a lot of time together. There comes a point in every relationship where the honeymoon period ends. It happens with this couple when the car breaks down and strands them on the road. We see one more shot of the two standing in a field, but they’re not even holding hands. We go back to the man sitting at his desk holding the compass in his hands. The compass eventually points north, which might be an indication that she has died, but that might be a stretch.

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