Premiere: Jennifer Greer “Tidal Wave”

Bay Area songwriter Jennifer Greer is preparing to release her album, Speaking with Ghosts in February 2024. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the lead single from the album, “Tidal Wave.”

“‘Tidal Wave’ is essentially about getting knocked down over and over, and getting back up as many times as is necessary,” says Greer. “It was written as a way to understand the series of bad events that kept happening to me during 2018. There was numerous heart-rending losses, and I was trying to steady my feet.”

Roiling piano and funky bass set the backdrop for the tumultuous lyrics. You can hear the influence of jazz pianists like Dave Brubeck and Lilith Fair songwriters like Paula Cole and Sarah McLachlan in Greer’s vocals and the composition of “Tidal Wave.” It makes for an interesting and catchy listen.

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