Premiere: Joel Ansett “Cadillac”

Joel Ansett was called “a songwriter to watch” by The Huffington Post in 2016. With starting a family, the prospect of a life as an artist coupled with the pressures of the everyday put music on the backburner until last year. An evening of reading old fan mail with his wife inspired a return to music and he spent the second half of 2018 recording his sophomore album a place I knew before. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the single, “Cadillac.”

Looking at this bearded man from Denver, you might not expect such a smooth R&B sound to come out of him but that is what “Cadillac” is. The song comes from humble beginnings though; Ansett explains “the idea for [the song] started while sitting at a red light and singing over the rhythm of my turn signal.” Add some atmospheric synths and upright bass, you have the backdrop for Ansett’s song about “the strong feeling of missing something and the subtle sadness of not knowing what that thing is.”

a place I knew before is out on August 16th.

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