Kav Verhouzer & Palm Trees “In My Arms”

Feelin’ the love with this one straight from the get go on this one. Kav Verhouzer and Palm Trees have created summer pop gold.  I love the melody from the main synth, it’s got that tropical style with a twist of pop infused. The groove never lets down from start to finish and the instrumentation is great. To me what drives this track is the vocals and I love them both in use for lyrics but to also add additional elements. I think what initially brought me to fall in love with this track is that it reminds me a lot of “No Place I’d Rather Be” by Clean Bandit. I think songs that remind you of others are very important, finding similarities is what keeps progress moving while still taking a minute to remember the past. This may not have been the case but it definitely was in my head after listening to this one a good ten times in a row!

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