Premiere: Kazyak “Quicksand”

Minnesota band, Kazyak are preparing to release their new album Reflection on November 2nd. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the album’s first single “Quicksand.”

The song begins at a slogging pace, feature just drum and bass before acoustic guitar is added over top. Lead singer/songwriter Peter Frey sings “quicksand sinks you slowly and I’ve had enough” in his Kevin Parker-esque voice. For the first two minutes of the song, you might think that Frey’s voice is the only Tame Impala comparison. A small breakdown comes where all the instruments drop out except for the acoustic guitar and then an unexpected flourish of synch arpeggios brighten the song. The band comes back in to fill out the final two minutes of the song with its new found psychedelic synth tilt. It is a beautiful ending to a song that Frey called an “anti-entropic crusade.”

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