Premiere: Keon Masters: Many Thanks

South Carolina-based, Keon Masters spent the greater part of a decade as the lead-singer of Brave Baby. Now he is preparing to release debut album, Many Thanks on October 4th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the full stream of the album.

Opening with the excellent single, “<3 Of The City," the album delivers eight catchy tunes with a variety of influence. "Got 2 Luv It" has a little bit of 311 “Amber” sound to it while “Feel Nuthin'” has a raw hip-hop beat as the backdrop for tremolo-soaked guitars and reggae-style bass. The album closes with “Peak Of The Mountain” featuring a Spoon-inspired beat with a funky bass, grooving drums, and an acoustic guitar backbone.

Keon Masters says of the album “I never really wanted to go ‘solo’ but here I am, and I think it’s pretty dope.” Listening to the album, I agree that it is pretty dope.

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