The Kooks “Creatures Of Habit”

The Kooks are one of the best British rock bands of the past decade, and their latest single is a step in the right direction for a group who wants to keep things exciting. “Creatures of Habit” is certainly different from a song like “Naive” or “Time Above the Earth”, with layered vocals and far more complex instrumentals. However, Kooks fans knew this was coming – 2014’s Listen showed a more robust interest in faster tempos and heavier drums, effectively moving away from the stark intimacy of just Luke Pritchard and his acoustic guitar. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – bands grow up, they evolve, and their sound evolves with them. This song may be a little synth-heavy, but the band handles the psychedelic vibe with such convincing grace that it works. “Creatures of Habit” aligns The Kooks more with Tame Impala than with The Smiths, and it’s never too early to start thinking about festival season – if this single is any indication, their new music is going to posit them as potential headliners for every major one worth attending next year.

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